HI-LITES™ Bulk Custom Order:  DESIGNER

HI-LITES™ Bulk Custom Order: DESIGNER

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Contact info@gethilites.com to receive a quote for customized HI-LITES™ for your next event or activation.

More info: www.gethilites.com

Examples of previous custom orders show below.

Visual Effects available include:

  • STANDARD:  Hearts, Smileys, $ Signs, Snowflake, Snowman, Stars, and various animals and holiday-themed shapes.
  • CUSTOM:  Create any custom effect, from faces and shapes to company logos.

Minimum order quantity of 500 units.

As featured in Cosmo, Time, Harpers, E!, and more...

...and at SXSW and Coachella parties including Neon Carnival, Puffy/Combs2Chella, Roscoe's/Snoop, and more.

HI-LITES™ Glasses:

 👓 Turn any light into custom shapes! ✨ Events become magical with Hi-Lites! 😎 Seeing is believing! 🎡 Exclusive launch @#Coachella2018

Hi-Lites glasses use HoloSpex® technology and are protected under U.S. Patent RE39,864 and/or U.S. Patent 6,452,699